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Hot Water heater service, repair, or replacement

Removal and dispose of a defective water heater should be left to the professionals. Carrying the new water heater in and the old water heater out of a basement with stairs should only be down with proper equipment. Aren’t you relieved that you can hired us to replace your leaking water heater? Local building codes require proper placement of pressure relief valve. Proper installation of the vent hood and vent piping to assure homeowner safety.  The gas line be properly installed and inspected. Royal Plumbing will do the job to code, and it won’t take us a precious weekend and many trips to the hardware store to do it.

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Leaks and Repairs

Repairing broken pipes in hard-to-reach locations at inconvenient times is the stock-in-trade of Royal Plumbing. When we replace frost-damaged copper with high performance PEK water line, we are less likely to have to return to that cold location in the future.

If you have a leaky pipe or faucet we can help make the repair. One of the most common repairs that we get called out for main shut off for a house. Most homes that are more than 10 years old have gate valves instead of ball valves. Gate valves are more prone to leaking if they are opened / closed to many times.

What is leaking?

Outdoor faucet
Shower/Bath combo
Main Shutoff
Washing machine/Dishwasher
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If you are having toilet troubles, give Royal Plumbing a call.

How can we help?

  • Not flushing right?
  • Strong, but partial flush?
  • Phantom flusher? (the toilet fills with water as if it were just flushed)
  • Water level in the bowl drops? (when you flush and all is well, but after a bit of time, the water leaves the bowl)
  • Odd noises and/or vibrations when the tank is filling?
  • The tank is slow to fill?
  • Dripping in the tank?
  • Sluggish flush possibly caused by a clog?
  • Suction sounds in the tub and sink?
  • Water under the toilet tank?
  • Overflowing?

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Sump Pumps

When your basement floods you could have hundreds to thousands of dollars lost in damp or drenched rugs, furniture, or other possessions – not to mention what it will cost you to repair your basement from water damage. Having a battery backup sump pump can give you peace of mind.

What can cause your sump pump to fail
and as a result, possibly cause flooding in your basement?

  • If the power goes out, your main AC pump will not run
  • If your main pump fails due to a mechanical problem, or if the pump is clogged with debris
  • If the float switch on your main pump gets stuck or fails
  • If the discharge pipe on your main pump is clogged or frozen
  • If your sewer is full

Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are an environmentally responsible way to dispose of waste and also help to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.  Disposals use only about 1% or less of a household’s total water consumption and cost on average less than 50 cents a year in electric usage.

What do we recommend?
Garbage disposals are becoming a part of the solution for solving food waste management.  With the InSinkErator Evolution Series of disposers you can put chicken bones, fruit rinds, coffee grounds, and more directly down the drain and into the disposal – where they are virtually liquefied to safely flow into your sewage system or septic tank.

Code compliance work

Royal Plumbing is properly bonded, and we maintain a Contractor Code Compliance Registration with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. When you hire Royal Plumbing in St. Paul and Minneapolis, you may be confident that the work we do will be ethical, legal and insured. And well done.

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Other Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Stolen copper water pipe replacement replaced with PEX.
  • Design build plumbing with 20 years experience.
  • Rehab, flips, remodels, redesign, remove and install
  • New faucets
  • In floor radiant heat.
  • Boiler replacement
  • Water pipe replacement.
  • Install new tubs, showers, faucets and sinks.
  • Bathroom remodels
  • Repair or replace faucets
  • Valve replacement, shut off valves, shower valves, tub valves, basement valves
  • Recirculating pump
    appliance installation, (washer, dryer, fridge ice maker line, dishwasher

Service work in Minneapolis, St Paul, and south metro suburbs

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